Region 3

Region 3 encompasses all of Counties Waterford, Kilkenny and Wexford and parts of Counties Wicklow, Carlow and Tipperary. 

  • Waterford Teachers' Centre
  • Kilkenny Education Centre
  • Wexford Education Centre
  • Carlow Education Centre
  • Tipperary Education Centre

There are 415 Primary Schools and 98 Post Primary Schools.

  • Carlow Education Centre

    Carlow logo
    Director: Seamus Walshe
    Address: Kilkenny Road, Carlow.
    Tel: (087) 2079448
    Fax: (059) 9135404
    Email: [email protected]
    GPS: 52.830117,-6.9350849
    Carlow Education Centre is a part-time centre that serves the school communities of county Carlow. The centre works closely with the full-time centre in Enniscorthy.

    Carlow Education Centre Courses

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  • Kilkenny Education Centre

    Kilkenny logo
    Director: Margaret Maxwell
    Address: Seville Lodge, Callan Road, Kilkenny.
    Tel: (056) 7760200
    Email: [email protected]
    GPS: 52.638675,-7.267964
    Kilkenny Education Centre has a long history as a voluntary body under the name of Kilkenny Teachers' Centre. In September 1997 Kilkenny Education Centre was transformed into a full-time education centre. The Centre is a member of the Association of Education and Teachers' Centres of Ireland (ATECI). The Management Committee and Staff of Kilkenny Education Centre, envisage an open and innovative centre, which inspires and supports teaching and learning in the education community. Kilkenny Education Centre seeks to realise its vision by facilitating the sharing of ideas and the communication of knowledge with the learning community through the ongoing provision and development of services and resources. The main functions of Kilkenny Education Centre are:

    • supporting the in-service needs of the state
    • provision of continuing professional development opportunities in a local and regional manner
    •organising local, regional and national projects

    Kilkenny Education Centre is the Regional Centre for Reading Recovery Programme in the South East. The Special Education Needs Organizers (SENO), National Education Welfare Board (NEWB), and National Educational Psychology Service (NEPS) for the area are also based in the centre.

    Kilkenny Education Centre Courses

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  • Tipperary Education Centre

    Tipperary logo
    Director: Michelle Percy
    Address: St. Patrick's College, Thurles, Co. Tipperary.
    Tel: (086) 6008860
    Email: [email protected]
    GPS: 52.6774,-7.806882
    As a part-time centre, we aim to listen and respond to the needs of teachers and the wider school community and support the personal and professional development of educators. Co. Tipperary Education Support Centre has been in existence since the early 1980’s.

    Although we have undergone many transitions over the last 25 years, our ethos – Education for All – underpins the very philosophy of our organisation.
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    Tipperary Education Centre Courses

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  • Waterford Teachers' Centre

    Director: Celia Walshe
    Address: Newtown Road, Waterford, Co. Waterford.
    Tel: (051) 311000
    Fax: (051) 311050
    Email: [email protected]
    GPS: 52.252926,-7.099875
    Waterford Teachers’ Centre is a learning community where Teachers are empowered to achieve their full potential as Professional Educators and where other partners in the local School Community are facilitated in meeting their training needs so that they can perform their roles effectively.
    Working through its Management Committee, Trustees, Director, Staff and Tutors the Centre responds to the needs of Teachers in our catchment area and strives for excellence whilst providing them with suitable opportunities to pursue their own professional and personal development. The Centre also works collaboratively with the other education partners for the benefit of all involved in the local School Community.

    Waterford Teachers' Centre Courses

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  • Co. Wexford Education Centre

    Director: Sean O'Leary
    Address: Milehouse Road, Enniscorthy, Co. Wexford.
    Tel: (053) 9239100
    Fax: (053) 9239124
    Email: [email protected]
    GPS: 52.511701,-6.583789
    At a meeting of first and second-level teachers on 1st March 1994 Co. Wexford Teachers’ Centre was reconstituted and located in Enniscorthy. The Department of Education & Science awarded it Study Group status.
    A major breakthrough came in September 1997 when Co. Wexford Teachers’ Centre was awarded fulltime status. It was renamed Co. Wexford Education Centre and the first full time Director, Mr. Pat Higgins, was appointed. The Centre moved into rented accommodation at 22 Rafter St., Enniscorthy.
    In 1998 a site of .6 hectares was purchased at Milehouse Road, Enniscorthy and plans were drawn up for a purpose-built Education Centre. The Management Committee took possession of the new building in August 2000. It was an exciting and eventful journey.

    Ethos, Vision & Mission
    Co. Wexford Education Centre helps and supports teachers, parents, management and other interested parties in our education community in meeting the many demands, which they face on a day to day basis. To achieve this we believe in consultation, openness and partnership.
    Our vision for Co. Wexford Education Centre is that through the activities of the Centre, teaching and learning will become more effective and fulfilling, and more enjoyable and productive.
    To work with teachers, parents, management and all partners in education to develop and strengthen teaching and learning capacity so as to maximise children’s opportunities to achieve their full potential.

    Co. Wexford Education Centre Courses

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