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The Association of Teachers’/Education Centres in Ireland (ATECI) is the umbrella organisation for the National Network of Teacher/Education (Support) Centres, which comprises 21 Full-time and 9 Part-time Education Centres. It represents the interest of the Network as a whole including Management, Directors and Staff.
It is the Policy-making Body for the Network and general ATECI Policy is formulated at the Annual General Meeting. The Executive may also formulate policy for the ATECI at other times as required. The ATECI Executive articulates and implements the policy of the Association and negotiates, on behalf of its members, with the Department of Education & Skills and other relevant Education Bodies and Partners. The Executive or its nominee is the sole spokesperson of the Association.
The Executive meets regularly at National level. The ATECI  Regional infrastructure facilitates collaboration and innovation, which is then disseminated throughout the Network.
The Association aims:

(a) to act for and on behalf of Member Centres on all matters of Policy as agreed by Centres at AGM or EGM
(b) to raise the profile of Centres
(c) to be a partner at national level in the formulation of Education Policy
(d) to provide advice and support to Committees of Management and Directors of Centres.
Membership of the ATECI shall be open to Centres whose names are entered on a register of such Centres maintained by the Minister pursuant to the provisions of Section 37 – (2) of the Act of 1998 where they are known as Education Support Centres.  Each Centre shall be responsible for maintaining its own status on the Register.

Members of the ATECI Executive and Network Delegates attending the Annual General Meeting in Laois Education Centre.  May 2009.
Education Centres (originally Teachers’ Centres) have a particular remit under the Education Act (1998). In this context they respond to the System’s Continuing Professional Development (CPD) agenda on behalf of the Department of Education and Skills and to the professional development needs of teachers, school management and parents at local and regional levels. Education Centres are Statutory bodies, funded by the Teacher Education Section of the Department of Education & Skills and are managed by voluntary Management Committees elected annually.
The ATECI promotes their role & the role of the Network nationally and internationally.


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